I‘m part of a terrific organization of 12 writers based in the UK, Dark Angels. We’re from Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia and the US. We train / tutor writers at workshops around Europe. Dark Angels has changed many lives. The workshop described below is the first to be held in America. I’ll be teaching with my friend and mentor, John Simmons.



A classic setting in the heart of New England’s literary heritage. The spirit of Melville hovers in nearby New Bedford.

36 Elm Street, South Dartmouth, Mass

Three days and four nights that strike a balance between our Full and Intensive Foundation Courses. For writers seeking a shot of inspiration.

The maiden voyage of Dark Angels America is a packed, three-day program of short writing exercises and discussions with time for personal writing. You will draw on your life experience, knowledge of the business world, and inspiration from being in a beautiful place with a rich literary tradition.

Who comes to Dark Angels workshops? It’s a mix of freelancers, and corporate people like,

Arts Council of Wales, Bang & Olufsen, Barclays, The BBC, BP, British Airways, Carlsberg Breweries, Clore Leadership Programme, Corporate Culture, Elmwood, The Environment Council, Granada Media, Innocent, Interbrand, Lever Faberge, Mazars, National Library of Wales, O2, Penguin Books, QI, Royal Society of Arts, Scottish Arts Council, Sotheby’s Europe, Swiss Reinsurance, Three.

Hone your writing and enrich your understanding of the power of language and storytelling.

A brief introductory session takes place on the first evening. The second night, tutors read from their own work. The final night students read from work they’ve done on the course. Tutors also hold half-hour writers’ surgeries for each student.

The role of imaginative language and the importance of stories and narrative writing to business writing are central to all Dark Angels courses.

Richard Pelletier

Richard Pelletier

John Simmons

 It’s our fundamental belief that the more personally engaging you make your writing, the more effective it will be.  We want you to come away saying that was fantastic fun but also that really worked. To book a spot, please email Corrie Watson corrie@dark-angels.org.uk