“We work with you because you can do with words what we strive to do in branding and design: evoke emotion in the simplest manner possible.”

UTA Brand Studio calls on me for interesting work—purpose statements, brand voice projects, messaging strategies.

Larry Vincent

Author, Brand Real, Chief, UTA Brand Studio


"Richard, I just read the latest case study. Great job. Again!"

When Salesforce launched a big content marketing push, I wrote case studies, blog posts, sales abstracts, and emails. Lisa Hammitt was then VP of Business Operations.

Lisa Hammitt

VP Salesforce


"Beautiful piece of writing, Richard." - John Simmons

I run writing workshops with the writer John Simmons and 11 writers as a member of Dark Angels. We help writers find their voice. I hope I never get used to hearing this from him.

Dark Angels

Creative Writing for Business


Photography is a beautiful way to tell stories. And I keep finding new ways to bring words and images together. My work has appeared on restaurant websites, and in various publications. I recently ran an Instagram project with 12 photographers from around the world.