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Richard Pelletier

How your business uses words can create real distinctions and can persuade people to act. In the right hands, your words can ignite your brand, while expressing your personality and values. Used well, words are a ridiculously powerful asset, which makes it all the more surprising how few brands take advantage. Words signal passion, intent. ‘This is who we are. This is how we can help.’

The way I can help you is with clarity, structure, readability, voice, empathy, storytelling. Creativity.

I live in Seattle, a city I truly love and where I write, drink coffee and make photographs. I sometimes work with my wife, who is an awesome WordPress web designer. There is a step-daughter who I love beyond words. There are a couple of cats, Billie and Ella, who sing a lot and who try to teach me patience.

{ Nel Centro is a hugely successful restaurant in Portland, Oregon
My wife designed the website, I wrote the copy and shot the home page photograph. }

Day one was 13 years ago. That press release netted me $150.00 and took me four days to write. Today, I work with some of the best, most interesting companies in the world. Along with 11 other UK based writer/collaborators — I’m a 2015 D&AD award-winner for Writing & Design. I’ve written a book, along with 11 co-authors, slated for publication in 2017. The publisher is Unbound and the story is amazing —>

In my 12th year as a writer, I became an Associate Partner with the famed Dark Angels of the UK. Which means I am privileged to help train other copywriters. The biggest thrill is when words create new relationships. I live for that.

In 2015, I traveled to the Scottish Highlands to join the Dark Angels writing collective.

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